Tuesday , 9 December 2014

How To Install A Local Web Server With XAMPP ( In Urdu )


Today you can learn in this post what is LocalHost, Introduction Of Xampp in LocalHost, Recommended Appahce MY SQL Servers, Downloading Xamp, Installation of Xamp, Running Xamp on Local Host Alternatives,Application Running Features LocalHost in a PC: LocalHost is a hosting name in which the computers acces its network services from loopback interface. For Example: There are softwares for ... Read More »

Best Social Content Locker Plugins For wordpress Blogs

Social Content Locker

Social content protection plugins will boost up your social traffic and your web site ranking to a brand new level. Google is pro social signals to rank websites in SERPs recently so it’ll be informed do something that will increase Facebook, Google, twitter,pinterest fans. For design web site that share free resources they will choose ... Read More »

Top High Paying Google Adsense Keywords List 2014-15

Top High Paying Google Adsense Keywords List 2014-15

Google AdSense is one in all the best leading advertising platform across the all Worlds. Google AdSense allow webmasters and publishers to feature Google AdSense ads on totally different websites and pay them with a few of algorithms. If you’re additionally AdSense Publisher, then you most likely realize CPC ( Cost-per-click ) several AdSense publishers ar looking to ... Read More »